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Training with Rosie Cowen : TRX Chest Press Tahoe Club 100 Trainer, Rosie Cowen of Rosie Cowen Boot Camp walks us through the Chest Press TRX move. For more tips and training videos with Rosie Cowen, click here Go to our YouTube Channel for more videos, click here Group Fitness with Rosie BootCamp & Class Schedule, click here

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Gabbi Fisher is At It Again, This time she’s crushing it at the State Tennis Championships!

Good Luck to TC100 Member Gabbi Fisher and the STHS Girls Tennis Team! The Girls Tennis State Championships are in Las Vegas this weekend, and the STHS Vikings Girls Tennis Team will be representing! Doubles Team Gabbi Fisher and Abby Burns are heading to Vegas after crushing it in their regional division.    Gabbi has been training at Tahoe Club

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Inside the Gym: Hex Bar Dead Lift at age 61!

Inside the Gym: Hex Bar Dead Lift  Tahoe Club 100 Training Center owner Randy Farnsworth lifts 407 pounds on the Hex Bar Dead lift at age 61! Power lifting can be done at 61. Any Age, Any Goal, Any Day! Ask any of the Tahoe Club 100 Trainers to help guide you through incorporating a power lifting plan into your fitness

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Inside The Gym with Hockey Player Leah Marino

Another Training Day for Hockey Player Leah Marino Another Training Day for Hockey star Leah Marino, who recently earned a Division 1 College Hockey scholarship! 🏒🏒⛸️ Yes, that’s trainer Eufay Wood of High Octane Training you hear, prepping her for game day! Good Luck this season Leah! Read More about Leah at Lake Tahoe News by clicking here #TahoeClub100MembersRock #TahoeClub100TrainersRock #LeahMarino #Hockey

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Bonjour! Bonjour from Tournon France from Tahoe Club 100 owners Susan and Randy Farnsworth. From South Lake Tahoe to France, Fitness across the globe including travel for the mind, body and soul!

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 ✔️️‍♀️Rosie's Boot- camp 2nd Annual 1000 Burpee Challenge!!! @cowenrosie ✔️  Bravo to all the participants! Your dedication to your training is an inspiration! . . . . #RosiesBootcamp #BurpeeChallenge #TahoeClub100 #LakeTahoe #TahoeClub100TrainersRock #TrainStrong  ✔️ Save The Date: Wednesday, December 12th from 7am-10am ✔️Measured Fitness Lab is coming back to Tahoe Club  ✔️Measured Fitness Lab provides clients with affordable, accurate, and detailed body composition and health information to help each individual achieve their personal health and fitness goals! ✔️Schedule your appointment online: or (775) 339-3055 ✔️✔️Use code: TAHOECLUB20 at checkout for 20% off!! ✔️LINK in profile  #TahoeClub100 #LakeTahoe #TrainStrong #TakeALookInside #Gym #MeasuredFitnessLab
 ❄️️‍♀️December at Tahoe Club  ✔️Inside the Club in December #TakeALookInside ✔️ Rosie's Boot-camp 2nd Annual Burpee Challenge ✔️ Measured Fitness Lab coming 12/12 from 7-10am! Sign up now! ✔️ Sponsoring Forever Dance ✔️ Golden Turmeric Milk Recipe. Link in profile  . . . . . #TrainStrong #RosiesBootcamp #TahoeClub100 #ForeverDance #JJsFoundationalFitness #MeasuredFitnessLab #LakeTahoe  ✔️ Physio Ball to help work the chest and abs? Yes, please! ✔️ Check out the trainer video tip on the Physio Ball to help work out the chest and abs with Eufay Wood of @tahoehighoctane at Tahoe Club ! Video Link in profile  . . . . #PhysioBall #ChestDay #AbsDay #CoreStrength #TrainStrong #EufayWood #HighOctaneTraining #TakeALookInside #TahoeClub100 #LakeTahoe