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Bachelorettes! Celebrations! Birthdays!



heeky Girl Striptease Workshop is a bold, sassy and a bit Mischievous class offered at Club 100. Shh…Don’t tell anyone!

This striptease workshop is great for celebrating a Bachelorette, Birthday or Reunion Party. It is also for ladies who want to commemorate anything from being single again to simply celebrating womanhood.

Cheeky Girl is a one hour workshop, where your group will learn sensual dance moves and real Tricks of the Trade to apply to your life and/or bedroom. Guaranteed your group will have a great time and leave feeling empowered, sexier and more of a goddess than ever before.

Cheeky Girl Dance Moves is a workshop for Women only. As such CLUB 100 strives to provide a private, safe, intimate and comfortable environment for your group to rehearse in, for that reason we don’t allow non participating members to hang out and watch.


our trainer, Tara works hard to create a relaxed space where everyone can feel comfortable. Therefore, this workshop is a judgement-free zone, which means there is no judgement of yourself or anyone else in the room.

The goal of this Workshop is for each woman to leave with something they can take home and apply to their own repertoire. Whether it’s just discovering some sexy new moves to spice things up with your partner or learning to stand taller and move with more confidence and grace through life, this class teaches you about Freeing yourself, Expressing yourself and Being You!

Let’s get Cheeky


heeky Girl Dance Moves is a Celebration of Womanhood so we want your group to feel relaxed and free to get into the party mode. As such, your group is welcome to bring a bottle of champagne or beverage of your choosing to enjoy. Mimosas seem to be a popular drink for this event.

Wear something comfortable that you can move in or something that makes you feel sexy. Most groups wear yoga pants and tanks. There is absolutely No nudity. We do this class barefoot, so there’s no need to bring heels.

Please arrive 15 min before check-in. We start on time and the class ends promptly at the end of the hour, so don’t be late! Once your group is checked in and your glasses are filled, your Cheeky Girl Dance Moves Workshop will begin…

What to Expect


irst you’ll play a few quick ice-breaker games. To start, everyone is encouraged to choose a “stripper name/ stage name.” It’s easier to let go of your inhibitions when you have an alter ego.

Next, you’ll learn how to boost your confidence, free your mind and get in touch with the sensual or sassy side of yourself. Dance is about getting in touch with your body and your own unique beauty and grace.

From there you’ll get tips on posture, eye contact, walking, crawling and floor work. Your group will get warmed up with some sexy little stretches and then learn an assortment of hip rolls and suggestive moves.

All of this will be combined into a short, easy to learn choreographed striptease! You do not have to be a dancer or have rhythm to do these moves. Anyone can do this class, regardless of your size, strength or fitness level. There are no wrong moves in this dance class and Tara will encourage you to add your own style and make each move your own.

Shake Your Cheeky Girl


ou’ll continue to practice the choreographed routine to a couple of different genres of music. If there are any songs or artists your group would like to dance to please inform Tara in advance so these selections can be prearranged on your playlist.

Oh, and before your group leaves, there is one more surprise! You will learn the absolute take-home- move that every woman must know! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

There will be plenty of time for taking selfies or group shots throughout the party. It’s a fun bonding experience and memory maker your group of girlfriends will talk about for years to come. These parties have been an absolute hit and we know we’ll be seeing you again in the future, the next time you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with friends.

Cheeky Pricing


orkshops can be booked in advance with a $100 non-refundable deposit to ensure your groups date and time. In Addition, The Workshop cost is $30 per each participant and gratuities are always appreciated.

Last of all


o, why are Pole Dance parties out? The thing with the pole is that not everyone is strong enough to hold their own body weight on the pole, never mind doing any tricks or performing moves on it. It takes a tremendous amount of upper body strength to even hold your own body weight on a pole. This can lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction or frustration for some women. The other thing is most of us don’t have a pole at home to go show off what we’ve learned! So get Cheeky with us at Club 100 instead!

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