Man Band Series

The Man Band Muscle Workout Series Part 4- Unilateral Skull Crushers

‘MAN BAND MUSCLES’ SERIES PART 4 Focus on the Chest with Unilateral Skull Crushers Club 100 Trainer Eufay Wood of High Octane Training continuing the Man Band Series Workout with focus on the chest with Unilateral Skull Crushers. Listen for his form and technique tips! This move will be sure to get you beach body! #WhichWayIsTheBeach For the FIRST VIDEO of

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The Man Band Muscles Workout Series- Part 1- Pec Deck

‘Man Band Muscles’ Series A series of workouts focusing on Chest, Bi’s & Tri’s Club 100 Trainer and General Manager, Eufay Wood of High Octane Training with Club 100 Member Mike Holcomb, demonstrate a few training techniques in a video series we are doing this month, that focus on the ‘Man Band Muscles’ aka ‘The Ego Muscles’ aka the Chest,

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 Inside the Gym: Training Day for Club  Member Alex ️‍♂️ . Trainer Eufay Wood of @tahoehighoctane has him working with the slam ball in the Club alley. ⛹️‍♂️️‍♂️ . ✔Check out the Club Video  link in Profile Bio above  . #Club100MembersRock #Club100TrainersRock#TahoeClub100 #SlamBall #LakeTahoeGym #TakeALookInside  GUEST BLOG: KELLY WINTER & OBSTACLE COURSE RACING ️‍♀️🤸‍♀️✔️ “Spartan and TM racing are a way to reveal a different side of me that I think has been in hibernation for my entire adult life.” ✔ Guest Blog in our profile bio link ☝️ ✔ #EliteSpartanWoman #TougherMudder #OCR #Training #KellyWinter #Club100MembersRock @kwintzluvscalc