Club 100 Trainer Tip

Training with Rosie Cowen:

Training with Rosie Cowen : TRX High Row Tahoe Club 100 Trainer, Rosie Cowen walks us through the High Row TRX move. For more tips and training videos with Rose Cowen, click here Go to our YouTube Channel for more videos and interviews inside Tahoe Club 100, click here

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Rosie’s Travel Blog: Cardio Pyramid

Rosie’s Travel Blog: Cardio Pyramid 5 Minutes 5 Moves Same 5 Moves but reversed (Like a Pyramid) ?⏱️? “Rain rain rain ?️?️?️ Ha ha limited to what I can do, But making memories. It’s not all about getting your workout in each day….time with family is much more beneficial when it’s limited !!!! Making memories is sacred ” ~

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Eufay Wood owner of Tahoe Club 100 in Lake Tahoe