Lara Waters



ara has always been an action packed person.  She has participated in a variety of events including road bike races (100 miles), A Tough Mudder, many running races: including a ½ Marathon, and her new favorite, the Zombie Red-run in Virginia City.   She can handle herself well on a mountain bike and has hiked her way around Lake Tahoe since moving here 16 years ago.

She held her school record in the ½ mile and participated in Cheer leading competitions. She loved the exhilaration of being on top of the pyramids.

Her constant need for adventure and being “tossed around” led her to join the Roller Derby team in Orlando, Florida.  Her nickname was the “Taz” the Tasmanian devil.

Her spinning ability on roller blades moved into her love of spinning on stationary bikes.  “Spin Classes are a fantastic way to train for almost anything.” explains Lara “Spinning is a safe and effective means to keep in shape for ANYONE at ANY LEVEL!!”

She loved spin so much she decided to start teaching spin classes 10 years ago.  She incorporated the perfect combination of the wild Taz, the peppy cheerleader and the notorious competition seeker.

Her love of life and people shine through in her classes with themes and thrills to keep you motivated.  The vast variety of musical beats/songs will be sure to please.

She has since become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and can teach TRX, weight training classes, boot camp and more.

Lara was diagnosed with Lupus 8 years ago and had to make adjustments to intense training methods.   “I no longer push it to its limits every day.  It isn’t necessary”   “Having an autoimmune disease has made me keenly aware of my body.”

The research and knowledge pertaining to health and nutrition has made her a better instructor.   She has helped herself tremendously with functional medicine, meditation, and herbal remedies as well as Western Medicine.

“Lara believes in nurturing and challenging herself and others in a manner that doesn’t “thrash” your body.  She listens and respects all ability levels and can share a wealth of information pertaining to health and nutrition”.

Her hair may be gone and her body may struggle at times but her heart is strong.

You will see her uplifting and positive personality energize the room with Joy Ride Spin Class Saturday Mornings at 9:00 in The Studio at Tahoe Club 100

Education & Experience

❖ SCW  Group Fitness Certified

❖ SCW Group Strength Certified

❖ Spinning Instructor Certified

❖ ACE Personal Training Certification

❖ TRX Qualified