Meet Whittell Warrior: Alexis Gonzalez

Inside the Gym:

The Warriors of Whittell


Meet three of the Warriors of George Whittell High School’s Football Team.
Alexis Gonzalez , Sterling Manchester and Isaiah Womack are all training at Club 100 prepping for a great season this year. This month we are spotlighting each of these Warrior’s as they prepare for their game days. We’ll take a closer look at what fitness means to this generation of athletes.






Name: Alexis Gonzalez

Age: 15

Football Position & Team: Defensive Tackle/ Guard Whittell High School

Question #1

What are your Athletic Goals? :

My athletic goals are to become the strongest I can while being quick and having good endurance.

Question #2

What made you want to join the Whittell Warriors Football team?

I wanted to join the team because my friends joined and I thought it would be a great way to become closer and be able to experience difficult training with them.


Question #3

What is Your Training Schedule Like?

Usually I have weight training for my 5th period and I get everything that I need to do done, but if I can’t, I go to Club 100 to finish anything I have left after football practice which is after school from 3:30pm-5:30 pm

Sunday- Rest

Monday- Chest & Back

Tuesday- Arms

Wednesday- Legs

Thursday- Chest & Back

Friday- Shoulders

Saturday- Legs


Question #4

What is your Proudest Fitness Accomplishment and why?

 I would say my Proudest Fitness Accomplishment is maxing out on bench at 275lbs. while weighting 165 lbs. because it’s 110 lbs. over my bodyweight.


Check out a GWHS game this season,schedule here .