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he Private Gym at CLUB 100 offers members 3,000 square feet of state of the art equipment including a multitude of training disciplines. Our cardio- conditioning equipment includes treadmills, stair climbers, row machines and spin bikes. Step into the Iron Underground for all your circuit and strength training workouts. The Private Gym also features free weights, functional cross training and boxing equipment. If you’re looking for a serious training facility with serious equipment, The Private Gym at CLUB 100 is the place.



iron underground

Iron Underground

  • Equipped with Hammer Strength Leverage Machines and Icarian Fitness Equipment, The Iron Underground in CLUB 100 has everything you could possibly need for circuit and strength training workouts.
  • Hammer Strength Upper Body machines include: Shoulder Press, Overhead Pulldown, Incline Tilt and Straight Bench, and Front Seated Row machine.
  • Icarian Upper Body and Leverage Equipment includes: Icarian Cable System, Fly Machine, Seated dip machine and Dip/Ab Station.
  • Legs and Lower Body Icarian machines include: Hack Squat, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Calf Press, Hamstring, and our newest, Icarian 45 degree leg press and Glut-Ham Developer (GHD). 


  • Whether you’re a Mixed Martial Arts aficionado or just letting off some steam, practice makes perfect with CLUB 100 boxing equipment.
  • Cardio blast with one of our ceiling suspended Balazs heavy or angle punching bags.
  • Or focus your attention and find your rhythm on our mounted platform speed bag.
  • CLUB 100 also offers an array of grappling and boxing gloves, a sparring mitt, Cable Jumping Ropes and Medicine & Slam balls.
  • Offering all the boxing gear for a great upper body-focused cardio workout or simply to channel your inner champion; CLUB 100’s got you covered. 
free weights in tahoe club 100

Free Weights

  • Engage your core and improve muscle imbalances with CLUB 100’s limitless assortment of free weight equipment. 
  • Challenge your body with a wide range of weight options including: 5lb to 120lb pro-style dumbbells, kettlebells, Icarian Straight, Curl Decline and Incline Benches with weight sets & plates, Curl bars, Olympic bars, Olympic style HEX bar and a commercial landmine holder.
  • Exercising with free weights offers infinite possibilities to help you obliterate even the toughest of trouble zones.
Functional Cross Training Equipment

Functional Cross Training Equipment

  • Body through space and cross training has become a fundamental training method for both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. 
  • Increasing body strength, agility and cardio endurance, CLUB 100 offers a vast selection of functional cross training equipment including:
  • Our new Rouge Squat Rack, Smith Machine, TRX straps, Battling Ropes, Power Bands, Medicine, Slam & Stability Balls, Bosu Balance Trainers, Sandbags and Plyo boxes.
  • As the definitive Training Facility in the Tahoe Basin, CLUB 100 is proud to offer a resistant training path of over 40 feet of Artificial Turf. Whether you’re push/pulling a weighted sled or lunging our turf track, you’re assured the Highest Intensity Interval Training workout ever. It’s the ultimate plateau-buster!
cardio equipment at Club 100

Cardio Equipment

  • CLUB 100 strives to make working out as seamless as possible for our members, which is one reason why we offer the most effective Cardio equipment available.
  • Our cardio area includes: Precor Fitness Treadmills, Stair Master, Stair Climber, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, and Row machines.
  • Whether you’re warming up before a work-out or looking to burn serious calories, CLUB 100 has the cardio equipment to keep you moving. 
One on One personal training

One on One Personal Training

  • If you’re looking to step up your game and bring your fitness to the next level a CLUB 100 Personal Fitness Trainer is your answer.
  • A Personal Fitness Trainer will privately work with you in a safe and effective manner to help develop workout routines based entirely on your needs and goals.
  • Specialties include: strength training, cardiovascular training, sport-specific conditioning, flexibility, rehabilitation, yoga, TRX, nutrition, weight & lifestyle coaching and speaking for us maturing baby boomers… stability, endurance and injury prevention workout routines.
  • Book a complimentary consultation with any one of CLUB 100’s excellent Trainers. We’re sure you’ll find one to fit your fitness needs.

You can tell a lot of thought went into the design of this high end facility. Clean and top of the line equipment. Filtered water and a coffee bar too! Looking forward to trying out some of the classes next time I pass through Tahoe on vacation. The facility is also linked into my Mind and Body App too, which makes booking my next class simple as a click! So happy for this new Kick Ass facility in Tahoe, pun intended!!! John N. Palm Desert, CA

I have been to gyms all over the country, all over California, Nevada and Tahoe, 24 hour fitness gyms, LA Fit, and numerous small gyms. I can honestly say if I had to pick one gym to workout at until I die, it would be Tahoe Club 100. Equipment is clean, pristine, and all state of the art. What really makes this gym though is the environment. There is no pressure, no competition, no intimidation. Everyone will welcome you and shake your hand; and that is what makes this gym so great.

Bentley M. Stateline, NV