Health & Wellness, Speaker Cheryl Spencer: Thursday June 22nd

Health & Wellness, Speaker Cheryl Spencer: Thursday June 22nd 


Tahoe Club 100 Training Center is excited to welcome Health and Wellness Enthusiast, Cheryl Spencer to speak to us on how to ‘Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years after 50.’

Cheryl grew up in South Lake Tahoe but is visiting us by way of Austin Texas where she is a successful business owner, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, encouraging men and women around the world on how to reach their best in all parts of their life. From Health, family and business; all aspects of our lives are connected to our overall wellness in life. At 58, Cheryl Spencer looks and feels great, and she’s going to tell us her secrets and why she decided to start making wellness changes at this stage in life.



“Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years after 50”

Growing up in beautiful South Lake Tahoe I had an appreciation for the outdoors, backpacking, water skiing, snow skiing etc.  Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life, so it makes total sense that I recently connected back with nature and the basics. With some simple Health and Wellness changes, my life has forever changed, and at 58, I have never felt better!

From cleaning out my pantry to replacing my cleaning products, little changes have added up to less exposure to toxins and chemicals for myself and loved ones. Using eco-friendly, green, nontoxic products not only makes sense but now my family and I get the added health benefits immediately.

By adding quality supplements into my daily regime I am giving my body the nutrients it craves, and I can already see the benefits. My total cholesterol was reduced by 39 points in four months. I use quality supplements that absorb 10 times more into my system, thus reducing the free radicals and inflammation. We’ll talk about this and the science that backs it.

The importance of sports & fitness nutrition after the age of 50 is imperative, because in order to put ‘life back into your years’ and be there for our grand babies and loved ones, we need to give our bodies what they need to thrive and perform at its best.


I Know My Why, What’s Yours?

Come to my Speaking Event at Tahoe Club 100 on Thursday June 22nd at 7:30 pm

I will be sharing my story, my solutions, easy recipes and samples of Protein powders, electrolyte drinks, and bars.

I will also have a FREE Giveaway at the End of the Evening!!

A Wellness Guide with over 300 pages of healthy remedies including the benefits of essential oils and other useful wellness information.

Cheryl Spencer