MEET WHITTELL WARRIOR: Sterling Manchester

Inside the Gym:

The Warriors of Whittell


Meet three of the Warriors of George Whittell High School’s Football Team.
Alexis Gonzalez , Sterling Manchester and Isaiah Womack are all training at Club 100 prepping for a great season this year. This month we are spotlighting each of these Warrior’s as they prepare for their game days. We’ll take a closer look at what fitness means to this generation of athletes.







Name: Sterling Manchester
Age: 16

Football Position & Team: DE for GWHS


Question #1

What are your Athletic Goals? :

My goals are to be as big and as strong as I can be. In the near future I would like to compete in a power-lifting competition and break state records.


Question #2

What made you want to join the Whittell Warriors Football team?

I joined football because all of my brothers played it and I also really liked the game.


Question #3

What is Your Training Schedule Like?

Monday= Chest

Tuesday= Arms

Wednesday= Legs

Thursday= Back

Friday= Shoulders

Saturday= Legs again


Question #4

What is your Proudest Fitness Accomplishment and why?

It would have to be losing over 40 lbs. in one summer because if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t be as big of a fitness nut that I am today. It also pushes me even harder every day not to go back to where I was.



Check out a GWHS game this season,schedule here .