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Bikini Girl: Meet Tahoe Club 100 Bikini Bombshell, Stephanie Griffith

Bikini Girl: Spotlight on Stephanie Griffith Meet Tahoe Club 100 sponsored Bikini Bombshell, Stephanie Griffith. She is only 8 weeks out until her big NPC Bikini Competition (National Physique Committee) debut in Reno, NV! The journey to the NPC Bikini stage requires strict training and diet to achieve what the judges are looking for. Competitors strive for excellence in balance, shape,

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Guest Post: On Stage with Tara Wallace

Guest Post by Tara Wallace ~Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Spin Instructor, Group Fitness Manager at Tahoe Cub 100 and Mother~ Whether it’s a bikini competition, wedding, reunion or any kind of special event, I have the tools needed to get you there…for whatever “stage” you are facing in your life. 1. What made me want

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Trainer Tip: Jennifer Fuller~ “Just Like Angel Food Cake”

Trainer Tip: Jennifer Fuller~ “Just Like Angel Food Cake” Do you have a sweet tooth? Want something protein rich that tastes like angel food cake, yet doesn’t have any sugar? Give this recipe a try: Ingredients 1 scoop of optimum nutrition whey isolate flavor Vanilla Ice Cream Add 1/4 cup egg whites Add water to desired consistency   Preparation Whip

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Eufay Wood owner of Tahoe Club 100 in Lake Tahoe