Take 5 at The Club: Randy Farnsworth, Owner of Tahoe Club 100

Take 5 at The Club

~Interview with Randy Farnsworth, Owner of Tahoe Club 100~
This month’s Take 5 At The Club Interview is with Randy Farnsworth.
From his home town in Lake Tahoe to Hollywood and back again, Randy has always been known to take the road less traveled. Randy’s fitness modus operandi  is no different, paved with incredible personal weight lifting feats, cross country road cycling trips, back country treks, and now his latest adventure, a gym proprietor. To say Randy is a force to be reckoned with is an understatement. Take 5 and see what moves Randy, or if it’s just something in his gym bag?
Question #1
What Drives you to work out?
A: “A sense of well being after I workout. Ego. I want to look good! Camaraderie, I like to be around like minded people.”  
Question #2
What is your proudest fitness moment?
A: “My wife, Susan and I completed Cycle Oregon 7 years in a row. It’s a grueling 500 mile road bike trek across the Oregon terrain over a week.”
Question #3
Favorite Exercise or Piece of Equipment?
A: “My bed. The key to any successful training regime is rest.”
Question #4
Favorite work out song, artist or album?
A: “Any Metal Band that had long hair and used lots of hair spray, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, or the classics like Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones.”
Question #5
What’s in your Gym Bag?
A: “My Roots leather gym bag with some clean clothes, the usual stuff; deodorant, chapstick, Ipad/Iphone and chargers, wallet, Nicorette (don’t judge), hairbrush, and water bottle. My reading glasses and recent read. The supplements in my bag are IC RED Ultra Intense Pre-workout Powder  and Hammer Recoverite   and a Tissue Rejuvenator for recovery.”

Randy Farnsworth, Tahoe Club 100 Owner