WHAT’S TRENDING WITH TARA: It’s All About Being Pain Free


Club 100 Trainer, Tara Wallace of Splie Fitness, recently attended a 3 day Fitness Conference in San Francisco.  Each week this month, Tara will share one trend with us and the ways we can incorporate new approaches to fitness in our own lives.


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Trend #3: It’s All About Being Pain Free

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to hear Jay Cutler speak.  If you’re not familiar with who he is, Jay Cutler was 4x Mr. Olympia and one of the most successful body builders of all time.  There was a time he ate over 1,000 grams of carbohydrates a day and packed in as much protein as he could.


Well, muscle only expands so much before the stomach eventually gets bigger.  Jay is 53 now and has a whole new mentality. 

“It’s about being pain-free.  It’s about having zero injury and being able to do anything I want.” 



Jay says at this point in his life, it’s not about doing 1 rep or even 3-4 reps. It’s about doing 25 reps with a lighter weight (If you can do 30, that’s too light)  He recommends doing more cardiovascular training, 30-45 minutes/ day.  Jay now practices Pilates and ab training.


“Don’t get complacent.  Change your trainer if you have to.” 


And one last piece of advice from Jay for the older population…”After 50, it’s all about the hair!”


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