Club 100 Trainer, Tara Wallace of Splie Fitness, recently attended a 3 day Fitness Conference in San Francisco.  Each week Tara has shared one trend with us and the ways we can incorporate new approaches to fitness in our own lives. 


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Trend #5: Barre

Barre has been in the top 10 Fitness trends for the last 3 years and it’s still up there.  But did you know, Barre was actually really hot in the 1960’s? 

Thanks to Lotte Berka German dancer, also known as the woman who kick started the modern fitness industry.  She was known to be a little unhinged at times, but what fitness enthusiast isn’t? Together with a physical therapist, Berk created what is known today as the bar method. Her studio was known as the Torture studio and women such as Barbara Streisand, Joan Collins and the Bond Girls flocked to the studio to improve their attractiveness in their mini skirts.

Thank you Lotte! 

Thank you for developing this system of basically lunges, squats, plies and floor work.  Barre is strength work, it just happens to be sometimes 100 reps at a time.  Barre is about lengthening the core. It’s about balance.  Barre was actually created for a dancer to be able to dance again.  There’s no barre in real dance, they have to use their own balance.

Tara Wallace Splié

Barre is about unwinding the average person. 

Now a days, people sit all day, whether it’s in their cars or at their desk.  Sitting has become the new smoking!

We are bent over looking down at our phones.  Our chins are dropped, shoulders are hunched, heads forward (which all adds an extra 10 pounds on the cervical spine) This in turn leads to tension headaches.  Put down the phones people!  And sitting all day leads to tight hip flexors, which leads to tight pelvis, leading to tight quads and lower back pain.


But Barre-goers beware. 

The #1 client injuries visiting Physical therapists right now are coming from not only CrossFit, but Barre!” said Tricia Murphy, presenter at SCW Fitness Conference.

People are getting seriously hurt in barre!  It’s coming from the over tuck of the tail bone. So if a little is good, more must be better, right?  Wrong. Not in barre.  If you are in a barre class and someone pushes your pelvis, push it back.  The posture looks horrible, the chest and shoulders roll forward- which leads to sciatica pain.

A little tuck is good.” Sais Karli Taylor, Founder and Creator of Barre Flow New York City, “A little tuck just puts us into a neutral pelvis.”

A proper tuck is just a neutral pelvis.  Pull the belly in and up, up underneath the ribcage and the pelvis pushes into neutral, naturally.  Fix your posture now.  More is not better.  Dial down, get back to basics.


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*THUMBNAIL PHOTO of Lotte Berk BY: John Lawrence