Gym South Lake Tahoe



What’s so special about a CLUB 100 Private Gym Membership?

CLUB 100 is the First and Only Private Training Center in Lake Tahoe. There are only 100 Private Memberships available.  As a Private Member you’ll receive complete 24/7  Access to the Training Center, 20% discount on all classes and Nutrition counseling, reduced rates on Personal Training services and generous CLUB 100 Amenities.

Do I have to become a Studio Member to take Classes?

CLUB 100 welcomes all Guests to walk-in and take classes. However, if you become a Studio Member you will receive reduced prices and special package deals on all Classes, CLUB 100 Amenities and Daytime access into the Training Center for All Studio Classes and Personal Training with CLUB 100 Trainers.

Do I need to create an account?

Yes Please. CLUB 100 asks everyone who trains at the center to create an account. Your account holds you waiver documents, and contact information, it allows you to buy Memberships, Browse Class schedules, buy package deals, check into Classes and even set your Fitbit to Download Workouts.

Do you have bottled water?

CLUB 100 provides both purified and ionized water. Fill your water bottle from our stainless Berkey Water dispensers. In the pantry, attached to the facet you’ll also find a Living Water Alkaline/Ionizer water machine.              Drink Up! Water is Life.

How far in advance can I book a Class and/or Appointment?

You can book a Class and/or Appointment up to one month in advance.

Does my Membership include the Cost of Classes or Services?

CLUB 100 Membership does not include the Cost of Classes or Services. Trainer’s charge their own fees which go directly to them

How does it work when I get to the Training Center?

Once you arrive at CLUB 100 Training Center, scan your club card to check-in. Locate your Trainer who will help you with your bike and/or training equipment. Trainer’s recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before class begins to set up.

Can I bring my kid(s)?

Children under fifteen (15) years of age may use the facility only during a previously announced Club 100-sponsored children’s activity. Otherwise, Children are not allowed in the Training Center.