Living in the high desert climate of the Sierra mountains can take its’ toll on you eventually physically and/or mentally – especially after long winters like we experienced last season. That’s why we wanted to add a hyperthermal conditioning, aka infrared sauna into our mix of gym offerings located in #106.


For starters, a sauna mimics exercise-induced physiological responses like increased core temperature and heart rate, sweating and blood redistribution – so it’s a great workout for your heart and blood vessels as they expand and contract.

It helps the lymphatic system to drain toxins from the body like mercury, cadmium and lead.

Strengthens skin by enhancing collagen production and rejuvenates complexion.

Gives kidneys a well deserved rest.

Muscle recovery and growth.

Endorphins release and mood elevation.

Reduced inflammation.

infrared sauna at Tahoe Club 100
sauna reserve yours at club 100
infrared sauna bathing lake tahoe nevada
infrared sauna bathing lake tahoe nevada

Wellness within reach

Our infrared sauna pre-set programs give you the optimal dosages of far, mid, and near infrared light energy, and now also red light therapy, in the quiet, comfortable peace of this wellness sanctuary. 


Purchase your sauna bathing packages below, then book your sessions on the app. 

Benefits of sauna practice

Dose Dependent Effects

The more you use the sauna, the more benefits you will experience.

Heart Health

Strengthen your heart. Infrared sauna therapy acts like a passive cardio workout, which helps your heart by improving circulation and even helping to reduce blood pressure.


Renew your skin. Harness a scientifically proven "fountain of youth" and revitalize your skin's appearance. Red light/near infrared LED technology increases collagen and elastin. Far infrared waves increase circulation, helping regenerate cells.

Muscle Recovery

Recover faster. Infrared helps deliver more oxygen to muscle cells for faster repair and pain relief.

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