Take Five at The Club: Deb Lewis

Deb Lewis

About Me….
Hi I’m Deb, I’m 41 years old and my love of snowboarding brought me here to beautiful Lake Tahoe about 9 years ago. I came for the snow but the summers are ultimately what kept me here. I love living and training at high elevation and I’m continuously amazed at what all these mountains and lakes have to offer. Last winter we decided to grow our roots here and my boyfriend Jamie and I are so excited to have purchased a home in Meyers.

In the winter our daily routine starts at Sierra-at-Tahoe and the quest for 100! I feel grateful to be able to start my day on the slopes. Sierra is my favorite place to be from the endless tree riding, hiking Huckleberry gates, & fun terrain parks, they keep me motivated by having it all. Some days it’s for a few runs and others it’s till my legs stop working, as long as I get up there life is good.

In the summer I love to paddle, it started with SUP and now has evolved to racing 6 man Hawaiian style outrigger canoes with Team Tahoe. I try to paddle everyday and love starting my day early on the lake. It’s so peaceful first thing in the morning when the water is glass, my daily go to SUP paddle is Baldwin to Emerald bay and back.

What made you Choose Tahoe Club 100?

We train in the outriggers canoes 3 days a week during our race season which is where Eufay and Club 100 come into play. Eufay was recommended to train our women’s race team by a friend who is on the team and has been training with Eufay for years. I’m grateful to have been introduced to him and Club 100, I have seen so many personal gains and goals met in this last year. Many thanks to Randy & Susan for providing this state of the art training facilities, as well as Eufay for getting our team into race winning shape. I’m excited to see what this next year brings & to be part of the Club 100 family!

Take 5 Questions

Question #1

What drives you to work-out?

A: The older I get the more focused I have been in keeping myself strong so I can continue to enjoy the sports I love.

Question #2

What’s your proudest fitness moment?

A: There have been a few. The first was when I rode my bike from NC to Washington DC, 350 miles in 3 days as part of the DC AIDS benefit ride. Second being when I paddled all the way around Lake Tahoe on my stand up paddle board, this also took me three days and is a trip I would like to do again.

Third being crushing it in our last outrigger canoe race season. We took first or podium every race.

Question #3

Favorite Exercises or Piece of Equipment? Why?

A: I feel like I have really grown to love Tabata. Eufay is always mixing up keeping classes fun and challenging!

Question #4

What’s your Favorite work out song, artist or album?

A: I don’t really have one but if we could pick a genre it would be anything reggae.

Question #5

What’s in your gym bag?

A: Running shoes, Chinese muscle rub aka bone juice, hat, water bottle & mints

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