The Tramp Tour Was Here

mini trampoline workout

On May 7, 2024 we hosted two, energizing and fun filled mini trampoline workouts by Rachel of Radical Rebounding.

Our local class regulars showed up and had a great time and loved the workout that can be described as low impact, high intensity, strength training that includes balance. Moves like jogging at super speed, running man plyos, jumping jacks, jumping ab twists, quick feet, single leg hops, lunges, jump squats and the basic bounce are some of the core movements practiced.

We enjoyed hosting Rachel and Jared, so please let us know if you want to see more of these types of fitness special guest visits to the gym.

mini trampoline workout
Engaging in a mini trampoline workout is about unleashing your inner child, having fun and embracing the bounce with cardio and strength training.
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