Inside the Gym: The Pec Deck Machine

Pec Deck Machine

Tahoe Club 100 has all the weight training equipment and machines that you need for your training goals. The Pec Deck is a popular machine that is considered an isolation exercise, as the machine acts as the stabilizer. It engages your chest muscles, specifically pectoralis major and minor and your serratus anterior muscles.

According to LIVESTRONG.COM, ” The pec deck is nearly as effective as the bench press in activating the pectoralis major, found a 2012 study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise. It’s superior to several variations of the push-up, weighted incline flyes and dips when it comes to activating the primary action of the chest muscles.”

This machine is particularly good for training for sports like golf, tennis, and boxing. But like any training, incorporating the pec deck into your routine alongside other exercises that also target the same area will get the best results.

Technique and posture are important to pay attention to while engaging in the exercise. To learn how to incorporate the Pec Deck into your training routine, consider booking a Tahoe Club 100 trainer to help formulate a new workout plan for you. Also, Check out this video from Eufay Wood of High Octane Training who walks us though the Pec Deck. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more training videos and tips.

Happy Training!

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