Training with Rosie Cowen : TRX Chest Press Tahoe Club 100 Trainer, Rosie Cowen of Rosie Cowen Boot Camp walks us through the Chest Press TRX move. For more tips and training videos with Rosie Cowen, click here Go to our YouTube Channel for more videos, click here Group Fitness with Rosie BootCamp & Class Schedule, click here

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TAKE 5 AT THE CLUB: Donna Rice

Take 5 at The Club: Donna Rice Tahoe Club 100 member, Donna Rice is a Tahoe girl through and through, STHS class of ’75! She’s a business owner of an ice cream shop in town, a co- owner of a construction company and drives a snow plow in the winter! With wearing so many hats, you may wonder how she

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Tahoe Club 100 Training Center: A Look Inside

Tahoe Club 100 Training Center: A Look Inside Take a look inside Tahoe Club 100 Training Center with our new commercial. Unlock the possibilities with your membership key today! Get toned and tuned in by subscribing to Tahoe Club 100’s YouTube Channel for more tours, training videos and interviews. Stay Healthy and Be Fit!

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Eufay Wood owner of Tahoe Club 100 in Lake Tahoe