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About me…
Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m a 41 year old local business owner (Flour Girl Wedding Cakes-since 2005); mother of 2 sweet n’ crazy boys Odin (6) and Hunter (10); wife of David Lofgren (Chef at Edgewood Tahoe); San Francisco native who re-located to Tahoe in 2005 to start a family and escape the insane housing prices. I love the mountains and the Tahoe lifestyle and am never leaving. I am a complete foodie/glutton (and former chef) but eat clean most every day. I don’t crave cake/sweets (ironic) and prefer wine and whiskey as my sugar intake. I love to downhill ski, mountain bike and paddleboard when time allows…. working 6-7 days a week and having an amazing work ethic makes it hard. No “Flake Tahoe” here!

What made you choose Tahoe Club 100?
As a rule I dislike large overcrowded muscle gyms/gawking/competition. I have always gravitated towards non-competitive outdoor exercise. I used to do minimal home workout videos but rarely pushed myself and got easily distracted. If I am going to seriously work out, I need to be held accountable to a trainer to actually show up. My wonderful and very persuasive friend Ike Marr said the infamous Eufay had an opening so I took a risk and jumped at the chance to finally get back in the saddle. Now I am hooked ….for life.

Question #1
What Drives you to work out?
A: So many reasons…. First and foremost to take a few hours a week to myself, which is almost impossible as a mom and business owner. It helps to clear my head and stay focused with no guilt.

I am that “skinny bitch” who can never put on weight even after having kids and eating like a line backer. I want to build muscle mass, lift the sag and keep my insides healthy. (Eufay says I may have fatty organs lol).

To improve my skiing!! I ski hard all winter with “the boys” and can almost keep up. My goal this season is to smoke em’ all!

I have struggled my entire life with anxiety/depression and working out regularly is quite helpful in warding that off.

I am finally over 40 and figure it’s time to really start to focus on my health. I refuse to be a frumpy mom who gave up. Only a “Tahoe MILF” from here on out!

Finally and most importantly, I have recently and tragically lost my entire nuclear family to cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and drugs. Exercise is THE best prevention. I want to be around for my kids and husband for many years to come.

Question #2
What is your proudest fitness moment?
A: My first full 8 rounds of Tabata. It felt like hell and like I was going to die. Eufay just kept pushing and yelling and motivating me. When I finished, I collapsed on the ground from exhaustion. I was so proud of myself. And I actually didn’t barf!!!

Question #3
Favorite Exercise or Piece of Equipment?
A:“The Sled”-super hard fantastic whole body work out. It lets you channel all of your stress/aggressions into the push/pull and feel like a bad ass at the same time if there happen to be people watching.

“The Physio Ball”-my absolute new favorite. It makes regular exercises (dips/push-ups/chest press/flys) that much harder. I love the balance/focus it requires and the core work out is amazing. To me it’s almost like meditating. You can’t think of anything thing other than trying not to fall off and look like a jackass.

Free-weights/Dumbbells…in front of a mirror…. to really see the progress that I have made. Cuz no one can walk around flexing all day right?

Question #4
Favorite work out song, artist or album?
A: Classic rock/metal bands for sure. Aerosmith/Queen/Rolling Stones/Def Leppard/Led Zeppelin…. they keep my energy high and remind me of my youth.

Question #5
What’s in Your Gym Bag?
A: Well since I come straight from the bakery and go straight back to the bakery each session, I don’t have an official “gym bag” nor time to shower. But here are the items I cram into my purse:

-Club 100 key card of course

-Ziploc bag of Hammer Nutrition “Heed” Electrolyte Drink Mandarin Orange Flavor-to add to my water bottle. Get’s me through an hour workout with no cramps every time.

-Zico coconut water mixed with Elite Chocolate Whey Protein Powder…my favorite post-work out drink to re-fuel my muscles and take those shakes away.

-My iPhone and calendar…because one can actually book a significant amount of wedding cakes during a 12 minute treadmill warm up

-Sugar rose lip tinted gloss spf 15 for the occasional sunny back alley work-out and because I feel naked without it

-An extra pair of undies…for when I sweat through the first pair, which is pretty much every session

-Baby wipes-for when Eufay makes my shart my pants or vomit (not kidding)

-Nicorette gum. -cuz I’m totally addicted and it’s better than smoking/cancer. Don’t judge!

-Secret vanilla deodorant…so my employees can bear me post workout at the bakery

Concealer-for when Eufay works me out so hard a new zit erupts mid session. And he is sure to point it out every time.

-Resistance band…the absolute best for stretching leg/arm muscles post-workout.

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