Take 5 at The Club: Tara Wallace

Tara Wallace

About me…
When I’m not teaching any of my 17 classes during the week; spin, barre, and weight-training workouts are my favorite. I’m also loving “best butt ever class.“

You can find me in the gym training everyone from brides to supermodels to bikini competitors. Some women simply want to go through the Bikini Boot Camp and get the meal plans but don’t want get on stage. I train Athletes who need that extra edge and people who just want to get healthy in general. I train women from 14-74, but some of my favorite clients are the guys! Husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, people looking to gain weight or lose 100 pounds. I love my job and get to hang out with some of the coolest people ever during my day! I also coach people through 10 and 30 day cleanses to help them get started on a healthier path.

I also do bachelorette parties in the gym every weekend and girls night out events. Gone are the days of pole dance parties, I teach sexy striptease routines for women looking to feel a little sexier and gain confidence or simply to just spice up things at home. Check out the Cheeky Girl Dance workshop!

When not in the gym you can find me spending time with my three dogs or hanging out with my son. I’m a huge foodie, I love cooking and eating out. I eat clean most of the time but believe for a healthy balance we should all enjoy a little indulgence at least once a week! Life is short, taste the wine, the tacos, or the cake, but then get right back to it in the gym the next day. No guilt! Because of all the time I spend in the gym, when I’m at home I like to wind down by reading. John C. Maxwell is my favorite.

What do you like best about Tahoe Club 100?
Why I choose Club 100…. Well, it’s the swankiest work out environment in town. It’s private, it’s sexy, it is immaculate! Plus I get to work alongside the great and powerful Eufay Wood of High Octane Training, which is a huge honor. You never know who you’re going to meet in the club. I’ve had some amazing people walk through that door and become some of my favorite people. It’s just such a fun environment and people are there because they want to be, not because they have to.

Question #1
What Drives you to work out?
A: It used to be about me. When I turned 40, I finally realized as an instructor you’re there for the people and it’s not about me. I am a not just a teacher. It’s those life-changing moments that people tell me about after class that continue to drive me. People come up to me and say “because of that spin class and what you said, I did this”, or “I made this change”. It’s really awesome. For instance, often times I ask my spin classes to visualize what they want their lives to look like a year from now… I’ve had people come back and tell me because of that spin class they went and had a baby or they went home and painted the whole house or changed their entire garden, or even thank me for making them stronger. It’s those small moments the people share with me, that’s what really moves me. Getting people to work-in (really to look inside themselves) and not just work out.

Question #2
What is your proudest fitness moment?
A: I have a couple. Mountain biking down a volcano in Bali with my son. We road all kinds of terrain, loose sand, rock, a tiny dirt trail called “the Hell”, we rode through rice fields and cotton plantation, it poured on us halfway through the ride we were soaked but we had the best time ever. My son pushes me more than anyone on a bike!!! Also last year before turning 40, I set a goal to do a professional bikini Show. I did four that year. Life-changing experience!! Now I coach women through the process.

Question #3
Favorite Exercise or Piece of Equipment?
A: I have so many! I love push-ups and lunges, they are my two go-to favorite moves. You can get so much out of them, even though they are so basic. Keep it simple, a workout doesn’t have to be super crazy. I also love Saturday spin with my girl Margaret at Club 100. And I always love doing leg day on Sunday. That’s my time to just really focus. Dog walks too, every day. I like to leave my phone at home so I can just unplug and be truly present with my dogs.

Question #4
Favorite work out song, artist or album?
I find my inspiration everywhere as a spin instructor you have to be part DJ. I love dropping a really surprise crescendo right in the middle of class and just seeing everyone’s body language change. But if I had to put one song on while I were doing cardio, it would be “Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace, “Dancing on My Own”- Robyn, “Show Me Love”-Brian Justin Crime ft DJ Grind & Toy Armata. Great for banging out sprints. Also we are huge fans of fit radio in the club. Most of the time you can find our phones on the poolside genre.

Question #5
What’s in Your Gym Bag?
A: Bose headphones for that time alone on the treadmill. Erin Condren day planner, I’m old-school, I like to write everything down in pencil. Batteries and hair ties for the 17 classes per week I teach. I have about six different lip glosses in my bag, Nuditude by Benefit and Snob by MAC. Victoria’s Secret glitter spray for post workout glow. My Polar heart rate monitor. A Think Thin bar in chunky peanut butter ? just in case I get stuck without food. It has 0 g of sugar and 20 g of protein and taste like a Reece’s peanut Butter cup! And all my favorite Arbonne products; citrus fizz. Highlighter, coconut chapstick, Re9 toner and the best deodorant ever! And a fork because so much of our fitness and health is what we put into our body. Lastly, Hot Pink Duct Tape, because it’s always handy.

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