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About Me….
Tell us a little about yourself

I am 70 years old and just recently moved back to Tahoe in 2015. The first time I moved here was in 1971 and when I came I decided I didn’t want to go back to LA. Then I left in 2001 and I’m grateful to be here once again and out of the bay area. I enjoy the outdoors, including riding my motorcycle, skiing (back in the day), surfing (again back in the day), scuba diving (because my wife insists) and walking while enjoying the beauty of Tahoe.

What made you Choose Tahoe Club 100?

Proximity to my home and the success of my wife with Tara’s Bikini Bootcamp for starters. The owner Randy gave me a tour of the club. It is very clean and organized. He and his wife, Susan, are extremely warm and personable. And then there is Eufay! Who needs no explanation or introduction. He is the brother with a plan and his ageless music takes me down memory lane making my workouts more bearable. Eufay is the thermometer of the club and sets the temperature every day but Sunday. In addition, Susan with her cheerful demeanor makes being at the gym a treat with Randy and Eufay adding the necessary testosterone to get the job done.

Take 5 Questions

Question #1

What drives you to work-out?

A: I’m 70 years old, and my wife is 14 years younger than me. I’ll let the reader’s imagination run wild from there.

Question #2

What’s your proudest fitness moment?

A: Several years ago while living in the bay area I experienced the pain due to a herniated disc. I was rendered helpless. I was informed that I would need an operation because the doctors couldn’t help me anymore. However, I was led to a chiropractor that was able to help me.

The first thing he said was I can help you but you have to get your out-of-shape fat-ass down to the gym to lose 20 lbs (Which I did – 25 lbs in fact) Every day that I went (3x/wk) in he would weigh me. What a nightmare having to get on that scale and have him look me in the eyes and say you’re not cooperating (Oh The Shame the Shame!!)

So I started swimming at the urging of my wife. Every time I went in the water I had to repeat the mantra “I love to swim! I love to swim!”. Over time I learned to enjoy it and realized how smart my wife was for making me do it, despite having to do it under duress. I swam three – fours days a week in addition to working out 5-6 days per week.

And then we moved to Tahoe and I gained it all back. The gym in the bay area was very nice and when I ended up in Tahoe I found the gym quality to be sub-standard except for Tahoe Club 100. When Randy and Susan put in the pool, jacuzzi steam bath, outdoor bar and barbeque along with cocktail waitresses the club will be closer to what I had available in the bay area. Sorry we were spoiled by the Decathalon Club in Santa Clara.

Question #3

Favorite Exercises or Piece of Equipment? Why?

A: These are the only workout machines that I really like because I don’t have to sweat. But the only way to really enjoy these is to workout at Tahoe Club 100 where the owners, trainers and clientele make it fun and remind me of what I have to look forward to.

Question #4

What’s your Favorite work out song, artist or album?

A: Fireball by Pitbull because I can get an extra five miles out of the bike while listening. (my wife is rolling her eyes – what about the Beatles?)

Question #5

What’s in your gym bag?

A: My headphones so I can watch the news as I mindlessly peddle on the stationary bicycle in addition to listening to Pitbull. Other than that nothing. FYI – it’s a 5 minute walk for me from home so I don’t need a gym bag

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