Take Five at the Club: Donna Rice

Donna Rice

Tahoe Club 100 member, Donna Rice is a Tahoe girl through and through, STHS class of ’75! She’s a business owner of an ice cream shop in town, a co- owner of a construction company and drives a snow plow in the winter! With wearing so many hats, you may wonder how she gets over to Club 100? Answer, Club 100 Trainer Rosie Cowen and the ‘morning girls crew!’

About me…
Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a self employed 60yr old “Tahoe Girl”. I was lucky to have grown up in Tahoe – So Tahoe High class of 75’! I own Aloha Ice Cream (Not the reason I am a work out addict) and also am Co-Owner of a local Construction Co. and drive a snow plow during the winter. Yes, I work ALOT! I am proud mom to my wonderful daughter Casey. Crazy Bernese Mountain Dog mom, love hiking with my Berner “Blue” music, cooking and reading. When I can grab some quiet down time I thoroughly relish it. Working out facilitates me “keeping my head screwed on straight” – taking care of my body is a top priority, and I do my best problem solving while sweating.

What made you choose Tahoe Club 100?
I am typically not a gym goer, but I felt that I needed extra motivation and support in my fitness goals. I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, and became friends Rosie and her family through Aloha Ice Cream. Rosie told me about Club 100, took a few classes and was hooked – I like a workout that hands my !!! to me, and knew that Rosie was just the person to do it.

Question #1
What Drives you to work out?
A: I love the infectious positive energy of Rosie and the morning girls, such a great way to start the day – not to mention the awesome results. My life had undergone many amazing changes in the last few yrs., and my morning workouts with my Fearless Leader and the girls are a VERY very important part of my day.

Question #2
What is your proudest fitness moment?
A: Pike Jacks on the TRX, Burpees – so hard but getting better and better, looking forward to the next challenge instead of thinking “uh-oh.”

Question #3
Favorite Exercise or Piece of Equipment?
A: TRX – I love the total body workout, anything upper body – Lat pull downs, Smith Rower, modified pull-ups – a great challenge, I WILL do it!

Question #4
Favorite work out song, artist or album?
A: So much music! U2 – Beautiful Day especially, AC/DC, Rolling Stones – Shattered, Eminem – Lose Yourself, MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This – Too Legit to Quit, OutKast – The Way You Move.

Question #5
What’s in Your Gym Bag?
A: I don’t really have a gym bag, but I always have lots of water, nuts, a cold cooked yam, gum, lip balm, and my favorite – Blue my dog and his girlfriend Honey come to the gym with me and wait patiently.

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