Take Five at The Club: Erin MacCarry

Take Five at The Club: Erin MacCarry


In this month’s ‘Take 5 at The Club’ we meet Club 100 member, Erin MacCarry.
You may recognize Erin from around the gym kicking butt with her trainer Eufay Wood. As a mom to twins, she is always on the move! Erin is also a chiropractor and has a local practice in Tahoe Keys, Mountain Meadow Chiropractic.
Find out more about Claire and what brings her to Tahoe Club 100.

About Me

My name is Erin MacCarry Davis and I have been in Lake Tahoe for 15 years.  I am chiropractor, wife, mother of twins and lover of Tahoe!

What made you Choose Tahoe Club 100?

I chose Club 100 because Eufay told me to! He’s been my trainer for years and I would follow him anywhere.

Take 5 Questions

Question #1

What drives you to work-out?

A: There are a few things that drive me to work out.  First and foremost for my mental health.  I love the endorphin release.  I also am a better Chiropractor, mother and wife when I keep a regular work out routine going.  I certainly have to slip and check.  There are times I fall off the routine and have to get right back on.  My clinic is busy and I need to be in shape to deliver the best care I can to my patients.

Question #2

What’s your proudest fitness moment? 

A: Proudest fitness moment is getting back in shape after having my babies.  Carrying twins was no easy task.  I know that training with Eufay before getting pregnant was vital in the process of pregnancy and labor.  I’m still not where I want to be but definitely on the right track.

Question #3

Favorite Exercises or Piece of Equipment? Why?

A: The bike path and my double stroller. I run at least five times a week. I can do it with my kids and the air clears my head and inspires me to keep going.    

Question #4

What’s your Favorite work out song, artist or album?

A: Hip Hop BBQ on Pandora

Question #5

What’s in your gym bag?

A: Diapers, wallet and a hoodie.

“At Mountain Meadow Chiropractic we offer specific chiropractic care to people of all ages and all walks of life.”
~ Dr Erin MacCarry
591 Tahoe Keys Blvd Unit #D3,
South Lake Tahoe CA 96150. Phone (530) 577-4757
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