Inside the Gym: Punching Bag

Inside the Gym: Punching Bag Need to work out some energy, look no further than the punching bag. With the bag in constant movement, it creates an ever challenging target. Get quick on your feet and work on your hand eye coordination and core stability. Packs power and develops self defense skills. It’s a great work out and Tahoe Club

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 Take 5 at The Club with Trainer Ana Tourino ✔ In this month's 'Take 5 at The Club' we meet Club 100 trainer, Ana Tourino. ‍♀️🤗❤ You might recognize Ana from around the Club. Or perhaps you took one of her butt kicking spin classes on Saturdays. ‍♀️ You might have even competed alongside her if you are into Obstacle Course Racing like Spartan racing in the area. ✔ Read her #TakeFiveAtTheClub interview in the link in our profile above  ✔ Ana is also running an incredible promo for Personal Training right now. 3 sessions for $100. ✔ If you were ever curious about personal training, this is a great opportunity to try it out! ✔ #tahoesouth #Club100TrainersRock #LaketahoeGym #LakeTahoe #FitFam #AnaTourino #FitBodyByAna #TahoeClub100  It's that time of year again! Please vote for Tahoe Club 100 Training Center for best Health and Fitness Club! ✔️ Vote Now with the link in our Profile  ✔ Thank you Tahoe Community! We ❤ You! ✔ #Club100MembersRock #Club100TrainersRock #BestOfTahoe #Fitness #TrainingCenter #LakeTahoeGym #BestGymInTahoe #ThankYouTahoe #TahoeFitFam