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Anna Shay Solanna

A Dash of Anna’s Design

As principal of Solanna Design & Development, LLC, Anna Shay is known for incorporating her love for the art of fine craftsmanship

julia penfield

Julia has her eys set

My name is Julia Vasconcelos dos Santos from Sao Paolo Brazil. I’ve spent 21 years practicing Tae Kwon Do, competing

cold plunge tahoe style

Cold plunge Tahoe style

Challenge your mind – heal your body. Cold plunge is a powerful tool to promote physical and mental wellness. Some

Get CrossFit Strong with Sony

Get CrossFit Strong with Sony

Introducing the epic mashup of the century. Drumroll, please! Club 100 is joining forces with our pals from Iron Battalion

book cancel a class

Book + Cancel a Class

Here’s how to BOOK and CANCEL your group fitness classes on the Mind Body – Club 100 App. Please arrive

decide. commit. succeed.

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