Take 5 at the Club Interview with Club 100 Member Sue Spencer

Sue Spencer

In our ‘Take 5 at The Club’ interview, we sit down with Club 100 member, Sue Spencer.
From the UK to Saudi Arabia then to the Bay Area, Sue moved to Tahoe with her husband two years ago to live their mountain dream together. Sue ran into Trainer Rosie Cowen and in her words, “that took care of that.”

About Me….
I am originally from the UK, moved to California in 1984, married had 2 children, lived in Florida for a short time, moved back to northern CA in 1991, now Tahoe is our final stop. I enjoy the winter but I really LOVE the summer and fall. I’m still a nurse and work at Barton, but retirement is calling, just a question of when, so heads up Club 100, leave the light on, I’ll be moving my bed roll in!

I’m the other Brit in the gym. I am 58 years young and still kicking strong. I came to the US from the UK via Saudi Arabia where I was working as a nurse. I met an American dude there who invited me to visit California and I’ve been here ever since. 2 children later and having lived in the Bay Area for 24 years, my hubby Bob said, “Kids are out of the house, let’s think about moving to the mountains!” It had always been his dream. Well it took me only one summer to say, ‘OK, let’s do this.” We found the perfect house and within just a few weeks we were moving up for real. I had a job waiting for me at Barton hospital, and we are here to stay. We are looking forward to retirement. I have never been a fan of the gym, I tried for years, but then I ran into Rosie, and that took care of that. I follow her around like a lost puppy dog and wow, now I am feeling strong. Her classes really kick my butt and my gym buddies keep me honest. When I get the chance I like to hike, bike, SUP, kayak and trail run. After all of this is the most incredible place to just do all of that.

What made you Choose Tahoe Club 100?

When I first moved to South lake, I joined another gym in town and that’s when I signed up with Rosie’s classes, but then due to the gym’s redesign, Rosie joined up with Tahoe Club 100, I was hot on her heels since I was ‘hooked’ on the workouts, I was not going to be left behind!

Club 100 suits me just fine, I have met so many super cool people and it really has become a social meet up, us gym girls enjoy working out with each other, keeping each other honest, even the occasional dude who dares to join us. Rosie’s tough workout sessions and great music vibes just keep me coming back for more AND not to mention, I am experiencing personal results and meeting my goals.

Take 5 Questions

Question #1

What drives you to work-out?

A: I need to stay fit all summer through fall so I can ski and keep up with my hubby all winter. It feels good to feel strong, get crazy with yourself, it keeps your mind alert and stay focused. I strive to deny that old age thing, if you don’t make the effort to stay young, then you will become old. I am vegan all the way or the correct way to describe my diet is ‘whole food plant based’. I have proven to myself and others that you can crank out HIT, Tabata, lift weights, run, bike, you name it, without consuming animal or dairy products to get your protein. I am convinced that you ARE what you eat! I love spreading the word of healthy eating, hey, come ask me about it.

Question #2

What’s your proudest fitness moment?

A: I hate to boast, but I have completed ‘2’ Ironman’s and several ½ Ironman’s, century rides and trail races.

Talk about pushing your body and mind to the absolute limit! Your mind goes to a dark place while running the marathon after a 2+mile swim and 110 mile bike ride. There’s this little nagging devil monkey on your back telling you to give up, you can’t possible do this, what were you thinking, are you totally insane? But you dig deeper and tune out that devil, embrace the challenge, your tough, you trained hard for this, humming that Queen tune “another one bites the dust” as I am mentally checking runners off one by one. THEN, you get passed by a 70 year old , DANG, I betta pick up the pace. 10-11 hours later, It’s finely time for that ultimate body rush when you take that very last step over the finish line, dropping to your knees trying to hold back the tears of joy and pain, a rush of pure euphoria floods your brain and fills your soul.

I did it, I really did it, get off my back you fatty fatfat monkey.

Question #3

Favorite Exercises or Piece of Equipment? Why?

A: I don’t have a favorite, but I do HATE one and that’s pushing the ‘SLED’, boy do I give Rosie the stink eye when I have to lug my body forward trying to push it at least 5 inches! I can say though, the TRX is becoming a favorite, it really uses your entire body and I dig the overall soreness the next day.

Question #4

What’s your Favorite work out song, artist or album?

A: I don’t have any in particular, Rosie always has great tunes, although we do like to make her cringe by asking for some ‘country’

Question #5

What’s in your gym bag?

A: I don’t have a gym bag, I just carry my water bottle in and occasionally a mug of coffee to get me reared up. I do have an emergency bag of walnuts and dates in the car just in case I feel a little loopy on the way home.

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