Take Five at The Club: Tom Sheahan

Take Five at The Club: Tom Sheahan

In this month’s ‘Take 5 at The Club’ we meet Club 100 member, Tom Sheahan.
You might recognize Tom from around the Club, as he’s always got a smile and is dedicated to his workouts. He started a tech company in Australia and now lives in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Tom gets right to the point in his Take 5 interview, keeping it short and sweet, much like a SMS message, which his company specializes in.

About Me….

I run a small technology company that I started in Australia, www.redoxygen.com


What made you Choose Tahoe Club 100? Great equipment, people and the espresso machine.


Take 5 Questions


Question #1

What drives you to work-out?

A: Mental and physical fitness.


Question #2

What’s your proudest fitness moment? 

A: Being thankful to have achieved and maintained my level of fitness at my age.


Question #3

Favorite Exercises or Piece of Equipment? Why?

A: Hammer strength anything! You get the free weight benefits without the risk of injury.


Question #4

What’s your Favorite work out song, artist or album?

A: Whatever is playing by DJ Uvews song list.


Question #5

What’s in your gym bag?

A: Smelly tank top, gym shorts and running shoes.