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Meet Tahoe Club 100 Member Michael Holcomb. Michael is a Husband to his wonderful wife, Carly, and father to 2 amazing kids, Caleb and Cali. He moved from Florida to Tahoe 15 years ago. He loves the small town atmosphere and beauty of the Tahoe area. Michael is a Wealth Advisor to high net worth families and individuals with a focus on the Lake Tahoe area. You may also recognize Michael as he has been in this month’s ‘Man Band Video Workout Series‘ focusing on the chest and arm muscles with Trainer Eufay Wood. For Michael, investing time in the gym is investing in his mental and physical health, which just makes sense (or is it dollars and cents!).

Question #1
What Drives you to work out?
My job requires a tremendous amount of solution based planning and thinking. Working out helps to keep my mind fresh and body healthy.

Question #2
What is your proudest fitness moment?
Not sure I have a proudest moment, but was surprised that I recently was able to dead lift 315 pounds for 10 reps.

Question #3
Favorite Exercise or Piece of Equipment?
Currently there 2. Dumbbells because you can do numerous exercises with them. Peck Deck would be the other because it creates a great burn on the entire chest.

Question #4
Favorite work out song, artist or album?
Currently flipping back and forth between Florida Georgia Line and Chainsmokers.

Question #5
What do you like best about Tahoe Club 100?
When you walk in the gym you feel an energy of excitement. From the movie posters , well maintained equipment and tunes in the background it immediately gets you in the mood to push yourself. The owners and trainers are all about empowering you to set goals and hold yourself accountable. Often times you come in to the gym and there are high level athletes training, which adds to the motivation.

Question #5b
What’s in your Gym Bag?
Bag: supplements, good fiction book, protein bar.

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