Save The Date: Wednesday Dec 12th at 7am Measured Fitness Lab is Back

Measured Fitness Lab Wednesday, December 12th from 7am-10am Measured Fitness Lab provides clients with affordable, accurate, and detailed body composition and health information to help each individual achieve their personal health and fitness goals! Club 100 members get 20% off all services! Fit3D Body Scan ~ $49 JUST $39! *  Body Fat % *  3D Images & Measurements *

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MEASURED FITNESS LAB  When the mobile truck Measured Fitness Lab stops by: Measured Fitness Lab is a mobile testing truck that provides affordable 3D body imaging, body fat %, precise measurements, cardio fitness, and metabolic testing. They also offer food intolerance and nutrient testing. Testosterone, thyroid, cholesterol, and other home lab tests through our online partner. We are always booking dates,

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Promoting Healing for the Holidays Charity Rep-A-Thon Event with Howie Nave of KRLT

Healing for the Holidays Charity Rep-A-Thon Event Promo with Howie Nave of KRLT Thanks Howie Nave at Krlt TheLake for such a fun morning hanging out with you and spreading the word that the Rep-A-Thon Challenge is the place to be on Saturday! ‘Healing For The Holidays’ 1000 Rep-A-Thon Challenge benefiting the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center on Dec 23rd at

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